Medical Educators for Latin America (MELA)

MELA Board Members:

Carson R. Harris, MD. Jessica Sandberg, RN. Brooks Donald, MD. Kimson Ridge, EMT-P. Peter Tanghe, MD. Joan Kreider, MD.

Providing patient care and provider education

 MELA officially began in 2010 and consist of a group of healthcare providers and medical technicians dedicated to the continuing education and improvement of life-saving skills to providers in Latin America.  Our teams of medical professionals work hard to  develop meaningful and strong  relationships with NGOs having healthcare interests. We partner with those having a commitment to improving the healthcare of their communities and country.

Over 100 doctors, dentists, nurses, PAs, EMT-Paramedics, and others have signed up to participate in MELA activities.


To provide education in Latin America through didactic and practical teaching. Additionally, we provide patient care and consultation in remote areas of Bolivia, and donate medical supplies for clinic use.

MELA Conferences

Our groups of healthcare providers travel to Latin America to present a 2-3 day conference for physicians, nurses and dentists. These local providers request training on all medical topics to help them give the best care possible to patients in their communities. Our teams of clinicians, educators, and interpreters consist of 6-20/trip.

In addition to lectures on various topics, our conferences allow for hands-on, practical sessions to augment the training of local professionals.

Our Most Recent Trips:

December 2-6, 2015: Advanced Trauma Management Course III for MDs

  • Topics and Stations: Head, torso, extremity, maxillo-facial, pediatric, geriatric, pregnancy, pharmacology, ultrasound, splinting, radiography. Also trauma case discussion groups.

  • Team: 3 Physicians, 1 PA-C, 1 Pharmacologist, 1 Paramedic

  • The class: 23 Bolivian Physicians (17 certified)

March 17-19, 2015 - International Acute Care Conference VIII

  • Topics: Physician and Nurse Section taught 268 people

March 9-12, 2015 Advanced Trauma Management Course II

  • Certified 22 of 26 participants


The Next Course

March 3-5, 2016: Acute Care Nurses Conference.

This course is in lieu of the International Acute Care Course IX which will occur at a later date

November (first week) 2016

This course will involve advanced medical and critical care topics


Total Trip cost: Approximately $1500 (subject to change)

We all want to change the world.
— Lennon & McCartney